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One of our favourite and most rewarding activities, is the jungle walk. Nepal is the only country in the world where you can get close to Asia’s mega fauna on foot. Due to its remote location in the West, Bardia National Park has relatively few visitors. The lack of visitors really gives you an amazing sense of wilderness.

At Wild Trak Adventure we offer to teach you some of the skills needed to find and watch the wildlife of the area such as forest awareness, tracking and the choosing of good locations in which to wait for and watch the wildlife.

Tracking is an amazing skill to learn and is hugely rewarding when you are able to find and follow the tracks of an animal directly to it. It also gives you a broader knowledge of the animal as you are able to discover their habits without actually seeing the animal.

Being aware in the forest is of great importance, the jungle has a natural rhythm of life which can be tuned into. The sights, sounds and smells of the jungle all tell you what is happening around you. When predators move in the jungle, the jungle becomes alive with alarm calls from many different animals such as birds, deer and monkey. This natural alarm system can help to guide you to a viewing of a one of the forests predators such as the tiger, leopard or python.

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